The goal was the development of new, energy saving yachts with a much higher level of well-being on board during extended cruising.

With a protected seaworthy Superdisplacement hull allowing for transoceanic range, coupled to Solar and Hybrid Technology, this vessel is bound to have an impact on the boating community, increasing the comfort and decreasing the cost of boating in a significant way – while drastically reducing the carbon emission footprint of a boating family.

New build technology

Protected Superdisplacement hull design


OceanClass’s ancestor is Greenline, a brand with admirable pedigree:

  • World’s first serial produced hybrid yacht
  • The largest hybrid fleet in the world
  • Honored with 21 International Boat of the Year, Design and Environmental awards. Greenline is arguably the most awarded yacht in boating history


The Greenline concept is all about You, Efficiency and the Environment. OceanClass takes this concept to new dimensions – and sets it for the ocean stage.

List of 21 awards