The OceanClass 70 was based on the R&D work which led to the development of the new, energy saving and hybrid-ready Superdisplacement® hulls. The new hull geometry brings not only unbeatable low resistance values in speeds up to twice the hull speed (20 knots in case of the 70’), but also a virtually linear resistance curve in this speed region. This translates to unmatched savings in fuel consumption (26 L/h at speed of 8.5 knots), great suitability for a hybrid diesel/electric propulsion (with speed on electric power of up to 7 knots) and a choice of equally efficient cruising speeds anywhere between 7 and 18 knots. The power can be either 2 x 800 HP diesels or Hybrid 2 x 800 HP diesels coupled to electric motors/generators of 2 x 60 kW. The hybrid version is equipped with Lithium technology battery pack allowing a range on electric power of up to 20 miles.