A secret behind outstanding performance.

It was developed to offer reduced resistance at speeds of up to twice hull speed - 20 knots in the case of the OceanClass 70. This translates to unmatched fuel consumption efficiency and range of up to 2800 nautical miles in diesel drive mode. At the same time this hull shape opens the use of hybrid diesel/electric propulsion due to low energy consumption. A Superdisplacement hull also offers better handling and sea-keeping performance. The optional zero-speed hydraulic stabilizers drastically reduce any motion of the yacht, under way or at anchor and add tremendous comfort to the owner and his crew.


Technology - new, but simple.

The protected Hybrid (diesel/electric) propulsion system was developed to make sailing without exhaust fumes, noise or waves possible. Therefore the yacht protects the environment – and yourself – and drastically reduces the amount of fossil fuel burnt during boating season. The Lithium battery array not only enables the yacht to sail up to 20 nm on electric power, but also gives unmatched comfort during the night when air conditioning and other appliances are running without the use of the diesel engine or generator. The solar roof on the optional T-top covering the flybridge supports the battery array at all times when daylight is present.


A symphony of advanced technology.

New build technology was developed using closed-mold vacuum infusion technique and aerospace standard chemical bonding techniques. The materials used are epoxy-based vinylester resin and quadraxial fibers in order to achieve a 50% fibre content in the laminates. This way we achieved a lighter, stronger yacht which is built with the same respect for the environment, fabrication personnel, and of course the owner during her use.